Office building “36-The Calls“ Arch.Flavio Cucina

The building is composed of six levels and mainly used for the office spaces ;quality of natural illumination, energy saving, traditional materials and reasonable low costs are the guideline of the project.

Steel for the main structure and wood for part of the flooring as in the local use are the main materials; terracotta brise soleil are also well integrated with the surrounding docks realized in bricks.

At level 1 to 4 there are open space offices and all the services are located at the western side in order to better capture the light inside the offices . Apart from the main staircase located next to the elevator, there is a second open staircase connecting all levels with a vertical cut from the sky light to the ground floor and bringing additional natural light into the building . A conference room oriented towards south is located on each of the floors .

Roof plan contains the sky light as well as the system to collect the solar energy.

„Climate energy concept“ M.Arch.Jochen Stopper

Facade: Thermal optimized facade with reduced transmission losses. Windows with U-Value 0.4 W/m ² K and opaque breast with U-Value 0.15 W/m ² K.

Shading and Photovoltaic: Optimized Photovoltaic (slope: 37°, south; ca. 3300 kWh/a) as shading device and renewable energy source. Electricity used for operating heat pump. Additional shading devices for summer sunlight. Indirect sunlight (north) as daylight source.

Heating: Ground water heat pump using river as renewable energy source. Amount of Electricity from Photovoltaic. Floor heating.

Ventilation: Mechanical ventilation with heat exchanger (CO 2 less than 1500 ppm guaranteed). Approximately 85% of the indoor temperature will be recovered and used to heat up the fresh air (approximately 30 – 50% energy saving potential).


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